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I am an artist, writer, grandmother, lesbian feminist, and hopefully becoming a mad old woman.

I have been making art for 20 years often making 'things out of other things', using mixed media, anything from chairs in skips, to paper, notebooks, dried horse manure, bits of previous artworks, floorboards, wire, thread. My focus is also on feminist conceptual art, including ecological issues, or with the textures and colours of found objects.  


My work has been shown in many places, and I have co-curated many events around London, Brighton and Colchester, including being a co-founder of FANS OF FEMINISM, and The Pet Shops Grrls.

Finding your own way
Magpie-like, I pick up interesting bits and pieces that catch my eye. This bright red cable has been in my studio for a while.. Now it’s in an orchard in Bexley, South-East London.

I am interested in setting up Gallery spaces for the many groups of artists who are under or not represented in Mainstream Art.. refugee/migrant artists, LGBTQI+, artists with disabilities, Black and ethnic minority artists, and many others, with Vanessa Giorgo. Contact me if you are interested in this project. 



an-mag Artists Talking - Witch Project

blog carohalliday.wordpress.com I invite you to look at my blog where I talk about other artists work, feminist art....since 2012

archive website  carolinehalliday.co.uk

Secret Lives












Gallery 32

34 Artists

in an orchard in Bexley February 2021


Mind Body and Spirit 2021

online this year

Camden LGBT Month

St Pancras Hospital Conference Centre Gallery, St Pancras Hospital, 4 St Pancras Way



Unseen Labour

         March 2020

Wallworth Gallery

A collection of over 70 Photos from Athens, Lesvos, Venice, London and Cardiff


​A side B Side

June 2017

Royal Academy of Art 2019

Summer Exhibition

Piccadilly London

Lesbos Art

outside TATE Modern

April 2016 

UNINVITED by Degrees of Freedom


New Women's

History of Art

February 2015

I'klectic Gallery, Old Paradise Yard London